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Ed Walsh, restaurant reviewer and contributing blogger, lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. He eats, writes about, and photographs great food in the Port City, and has accrued an appreciative following of fellow foodies. His reviews are energetic, honest, often hilarious, and doggedly positive. Ed adheres to the Port City philosophy: if he doesn’t have anything good to say, he just doesn’t say it.

His reviews are collected on this page for your reading pleasure. As always, Port City Foodie encourages you to add your comments and share your dining experiences.

dubs donuts review

The Line Starts Here: We’ll Wait for Dub’s Donuts, Any Day

I love a good “underdog” story. Whether it’s David and Goliath, Daniel-san in Karate Kid, the 1980 U.S. Hockey team’s victory over the Russians, or the movie “Rudy,” I always love to see the “little guy” go against the odds and come out on top. I saw something similar to this, although not on the “big screen,” at the recent Food Truck Rodeo at Hugh MacRae Park. More →

spoonfed kitchen and bake shop review

Spoonfeeding a Dose of Foodie Happiness

You ever walk into a place and instantly get a good vibe? You’re not sure what it is, but there’s SOMETHING there that makes you feel good inside long before you even order your appetizer.

Well, I just had a heaping order of that when I went to SPOONFED for brunch. More →

yehmon51 food truck review

Rolling Right Up with Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Don’t be a JERK!

Typically, being a jerk is a bad thing. You know, kinda like that guy who bypasses all the other cars waiting in line and cuts off someone five cars ahead of you just because he doesn’t want to wait.
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little chef food truck review

The Little Chef Food Truck Defies First Impressions

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This quaint piece of advice is older than anyone reading this, and in most cases has nothing to do with a book. It’s typically a preconceived opinion we have about someone or something that turns out to be dead wrong. There are a zillion examples of this adage like that big, mean-looking biker guy in your neighborhood that everyone gets out of the way for who is actually riding his Harley to go read books to sick kids in the hospital. Or, how about that ugly, old dog that no one really liked until he alerted his family that the house was on fire and actually rescued the cat. Yeah him. See what I mean?
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savorez banner

Savorez Triumphs with Food as Art and the Art of Dining

There’s an old chef’s adage that says “we eat with our eyes first.”

We’ve all heard it before, and every time we sit down to eat a beautifully artistic dish set in front of us, we live it. Perfectly manicured microgreens, a geometrically optimized angle of splatter for an accompanying sauce to perfectly accentuate an entrée or a Zen-like minimalistic dot or two of a reduction in the midst of a large white plate all toy with our eyes long before our taste buds are invited to come out to play.
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steviemacks food truck review

Great International Food on Wheels with SMIFCO

Just because I like to eat and write about my food adventures (thank you to all three of you out there who actually read my rantings), some people think I’m some sort of an authority on what’s good and what isn’t, where to go and where not to. More →

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