Carolina Beach’s Joint for Tacos: Nollie’s

What do you get when a retired professional skateboarder with an affinity for tacos decides to bring his love for simple, fresh ingredients and a laid back, cool environment to the area? You get Nollie’s, one heck of a cool place in Carolina Beach serving up tacos that are well worth the drive.

nollies taco joint


Nollie’s is owned by a retired professional skateboarder who aptly named the place and several menu items after skateboarding tricks – but this taco joint is serious business. The focus on fresh ingredients is apparent after the first bite and the fact that they gently grill the tortillas makes all the difference.

I live about three solar systems away from Carolina Beach, but after hearing about Nollie’s Taco Joint over and over again, I decided it was time to experience it first hand. I jumped in my trusty VW Bus and arrived hungry and optimistic.

I opted for the salsa trio, (I mean how could I not?) then got down to business with Airwalk Asada and Method Mahi tacos. Sitting on the outside deck, listening to tunes, soaking in the sun and enjoying my favorite Costa Rican beer, it totally exemplified what being at the beach is all about. The flavors were vibrant but not forced and each bite was better than the one before.


nollies taco joint


nollies taco joint


A very diverse crowd filled the place and the service staff was exceptional in taking care of everyone.

Anyone who knows me understands that tacos are my spirit animal and I can say with all certainty that I will be going back to Nollie’s Taco Joint many more times in the future! You should too!


nollies taco joint



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