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zuban glace the verandas

Zuban Glacé | An Elegant Dessert from The Verandas

Zuban Glacé The Verandas is an elegant dessert, at once breathtakingly elegant and deceptively simple. This lovely cake will stun guests with its Old World sophistication. It will not disappoint with layers of flavor. With liberal applications of Kirsch, and Sherry-flavored whipping cream, this is reminiscent of a trifle or other liqueur soaked desserts.

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luna caffe wilmington

Will and Nina Chacon | Luna Caffe

Five Minutes with Will and Nina Chacon, Luna Caffe: “We tried to make Luna Caffe look and feel like a coffee shop that we would usually hang out at. We wanted it to be a place that we would want to spend time in: the ambiance, and the neighborhood people who hang out here.“

elena brent rosemond-hoerr

Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr | Biscuits & Such Blog

Five Minutes with Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr, at Biscuits & Such blog: “I’m really interested in exploring food culture, and the history behind recipes; in learning how foods have evolved as part of Southern culture through the generations. That’s a movement that I’m really drawn to.“

panacea brewing company wilmington

Robin Hill | Panacea Brewing Company

Five Minutes with Robin Hill, Panacea Brewing Company: “It was nothing we had ever dreamed of doing, but it was the right time, the right opportunity, and the right product. We visited a couple other breweries, went to KombuchaKon, learned a ton, and just did it.“

taylor bailey hieronymus

Chef Taylor Bailey | Hieronymus Seafood Restaurant

Five Minutes with Chef Taylor Bailey, Hieronymus Seafood: “When you have a knowledge of the people involved in sourcing food products, you see how much the restaurant business can do for our local economy. That’s really important. It’s a huge responsibility. You have to be connected, otherwise this work is just mundane.“

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southern food blogs banner

Southern Food Blogs for Port City Foodies

We did an end-of-year roundup of the Southern food blogs we discovered this year. A few of them are written by friends of Port City Foodie right here in the Wilmington NC. The others are not local, but their bent is decidedly Southern.

christmas gifts for foodies

9 Nifty Christmas Gifts for Foodies

‘Tis the season to get merry, with all your gourmet friends, over great food and spirits, and around a beautiful holiday table. So what do you do to thank the foodies who share their multitude of culinary talents or good taste in local restaurants with you? Where do you head to buy Christmas gifts for

where to donate food in wilmington nc

Feeding the Port City’s Hungry: Where to donate food in Wilmington NC

Now that you are sitting back, enjoying a bounty of leftovers, take a moment to make a plan to help feed those people in the Port City who are hungry. In addition to civic groups, non-profit organizations, churches, and many businesses, this list will help you find where to donate food in Wilmington NC.