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nollies taco joint

Carolina Beach’s Joint for Tacos: Nollie’s

What do you get when a retired professional skateboarder with an affinity for tacos decides to bring his love for simple, fresh ingredients and a laid back, cool environment to the area? You get Nollie’s, one heck of a cool place in Carolina Beach serving up tacos that are well worth the drive.

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herbs at shelton herb farm

Kitchen Garden Heaven at Shelton Herb Farm

Home cooks, pro cooks, super star chefs all know the key to flavor is fresh herbs.

This summer, why don’t you grow your own kitchen garden herbs? Whether you have plenty of sunny space in your yard, or a shady corner on a brick patio, there are plenty of herbs that will produce a bountiful crop to augment your culinary efforts.

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shrimp and grits with crawfish sausage

Shrimp and Grits with a Twist

Ever had a good recipe and made a little change that created a great recipe?

Follow the recipe for Sarah’s favorite Shrimp and Grits, and substitute smoked crawfish sausage for the Andouille sausage in the original recipe. Try making our shrimp and grits with a twist; you only have to switch out one ingredient in this simple but super flavorful dish.

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INTERVIEWS | Five with a Foodie

john andrews owner south beach grill

John Andrews, Owner | South Beach Grill

Five Minutes with John Andrews, South Beach Grill: “If there is a barometer of success on the beach, it is how you keep customers during the off-season. We are so well supported locally.“

crust kitchen and cocktails

Emily Luther and Stacey McPherson, Owners | Crust Kitchen & Cocktails

Five Minutes with Emily Luther and Stacey McPherson, Crust: “It’s really important to me that every grilled cheese is a great experience. I’m always trying to perfect the sandwich.“ Emily: Before Crust, I had a restaurant in Southport – it was a deli and coffee shop – and Stacey had an ice-cream popup in Southport.

doug and susan zucker bridgwater wines leland nc

Doug and Susan Zucker, Owners | Bridgewater Wines

Five Minutes with Doug and Susan Zucker, Bridgewater Wines: “Our slogan is ‘Explore the World, One Wine at a Time,’ and we really want people to come in here and discover something new, have a great experience, and learn about different wines.“

wilmington beef jerky

Angie Blackburn, Owner | Wilmington Beef Jerky

Five Minutes with Angie Blackburn, Wilmington Beef Jerky: “With six kids, we were a grab-and-go family when it came to food. Great beef jerky was always in our cupboards, and it’s the first thing our kids wanted in their sports bags.“

Ryan Khan Owner Chef Hungry Sparrow

Ryan Khan, Owner/Chef | Hungry Sparrow

Five Minutes with Chef Ryan Khan, Hungry Sparrow Restaurant: “The most important thing is that I want to have fun: creating sandwiches, mixing flavors, experimenting with sweet and spicy flavors.“ .

bill and annie ward rolled and baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Owners | Rolled and Baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Rolled and Baked: “Our biscuits have a unique personality that matches the whole aesthetic of our space. We wanted every single thing about our restaurant to be different from what you would expect.“

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candlenut restaurant wilmington nc

Indonesian Gem: Novi and Jeff Rickert’s Candle Nut Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant gem in Wilmington, make sure your next lunch or dinner stop is Candle Nut Restaurant. Owners Jeff and Novi Rickert have created an Indonesian restaurant that offers meals with Malaysia, Singapore and Dutch influences.

rollz eggroll restaurant

ROLLZ Wraps Up the Funky Fast Food Scene

Up until last week, those enjoying downtown Wilmington’s nightlife and the ensuing “munchies” thereafter had only a few late night staples to choose from. Pizza, tacos or a trip to a revered waffle joint were pretty much all there was to choose from hours after most restaurants closed down for the night.

bluestar kitchen bar hip fusion

Bluestar Kitchen Bar: Hip Fusion Dining Shines in Leland

Chef and Bluestar Kitchen Bar owner Stephen Harrington once again out-does himself with culinary creativity, using the simplest of local ingredients, and taking each dish to a satisfying conclusion of hip fusion.

kbt realty group

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ocean friendly restaurants

Don’t Suck: Ocean Friendly Restaurants Save The Ocean One Straw at a Time

Forgo that plastic straw. Skip that plastic cover on your coffee. Mindful consumption of single-use consumer plastics results in a significant positive impact on the environment, and even one person’s effort makes a difference. A walk along one of Wilmington’s beautiful beaches makes the issue glaringly apparent. Straws suck.

best shrimp and grits wilmington nc

In search of… The Best Shrimp and Grits in Wilmington NC

The search for the best shrimp and grits in Wilmington NC starts with an appreciation of the history of the dish. Think morning, hours before the sun rises. Crews of local shrimpers, headed out for a hard day at sea.