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wholesome greens microgreens joe choi and nicholl gleason

Joe Choi and Nicholl Gleason | Wholesome Greens LLC

Five Minutes with Joe Choi and Nicholl Gleason, Wholesome Greens: “We sat up and took notice of Joe’s stunning food shots. Then we chatted: on microgreens, making beautiful plates, being foodies, and the art of food photography.“

Foxes Boxes

Rachel and Randy Fox | The Foxes Boxes

Five Minutes with Rachel and Randy Fox | The Foxes Boxes: “We chatted with Rachel while Randy did his thing in the kitchen, and daughter Isabel (on spring break) wandered in: this hip new restaurant exudes a friendly vibe, and makes you feel like you just became family.“

red eye bakery elaine brown

Elaine Brown | The Red Eye Bakery, Owner

Five Minutes with Elaine Brown, The Red Eye Bakery: “One of the reasons I got into baking was because I couldn’t find what I wanted on this side of town. I wanted baked goods made today – if people come in for something we don’t have, it’s because we have what we’ve just made.“

san juan cafe billy quetel

Billy Quetel | San Juan Cafe, Owner-Chef

Five Minutes with Chef Billy Quetel, San Juan Cafe: “I think the people who become known chefs… it’s a smaller percentage than those who become all-star basketball players. So you have to love it. I tell people all the time, it’s hot, it’s hard, it’s dirty. It’s hours and hours. But if you love it,

Food Features

best donuts in wilmington nc

In Search of… the best donuts in Wilmington NC

Seven days, seven donuts. It was on. We spent the week running up to National Donut Day on a truly altruistic project: taste testing – well, okay, we ate every bite of each one – donuts. The best donuts in Wilmington NC, from seven of the hottest doughnut shops in the Port City.

new foodie website nenes treats

Finding a new foodie website. Excitement. Let’s just get this out there right now. You can surf over to this new foodie website and leave this little post in the dust. But, really, let us rave for just a moment.

pop up restaurant food by jeffrey porter

Restaurant Trends: the Pop-up Phenomenon

Missed it? Didn’t hear about it until you saw the rave reviews on Facebook? You know you missed something – something of note – but, what was it? It was that pop-up restaurant: it opened in the blink of an eye, and was gone just as quickly.