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brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts | Roasted with Maple and Balsamic

If you love them, you really love them. If you don’t, you really don’t. Brussels sprouts. These cute “little cabbages” have their own fan club, and they’ve broken away from the 2- or 3-veg, overcooked, British dinner plate. Although there is something rather old-fashioned about the Brussels sprout, with a few strategic tosses and 25 minutes in a hot oven, they have a refreshed appeal.

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Five with a Foodie

Foxes Boxes

Rachel and Randy Fox | The Foxes Boxes

Five Minutes with Rachel and Randy Fox | The Foxes Boxes: “We chatted with Rachel while Randy did his thing in the kitchen, and daughter Isabel (on spring break) wandered in: this hip new restaurant exudes a friendly vibe, and makes you feel like you just became family.“

red eye bakery elaine brown

Elaine Brown | The Red Eye Bakery, Owner

Five Minutes with Elaine Brown, The Red Eye Bakery: “One of the reasons I got into baking was because I couldn’t find what I wanted on this side of town. I wanted baked goods made today – if people come in for something we don’t have, it’s because we have what we’ve just made.“

san juan cafe billy quetel

Billy Quetel | San Juan Cafe, Owner-Chef

Five Minutes with Chef Billy Quetel, San Juan Cafe: “I think the people who become known chefs… it’s a smaller percentage than those who become all-star basketball players. So you have to love it. I tell people all the time, it’s hot, it’s hard, it’s dirty. It’s hours and hours. But if you love it,

bone and bean barbeque

Chris and Pam Valverde | Bone and Bean Barbeque

Five Minutes with Chris and Pam Valverde | Bone and Bean Barbeque: “Next phase of the Bone and Bean barbeque operation: this spring, we’re putting in an outdoor bar and make it like a Texas roadhouse. Like you’d see back home, with an awning, little beer area, and a band setup.“

Food Features

vegan deep dish pizza in cast iron pan

Plant-based Deep Dish Pizza

I’m from Chicago, so deep dish is the only way I know how to eat pizza. I mean, I’m perfectly capable of eating thin-crust pizza, but why settle for second best? The only thing better than eating deep dish pizza is being able to make your own whenever you want. All you need is an

smoked carrot lox on an everything bagel

Smoked Carrot Lox: your new favorite brunch

What is your favorite brunch dish? And no, mimosas don’t count. I absolutely love smoked salmon, also known as lox, piled high on a bagel with lots of red onion, cream cheese, and dill. Whenever I went out to brunch I looked over the menu to see if they offered my favorite dish.

best chicken wings in wilmington nc

In Search of… the Best Chicken Wings in Wilmington NC

Port City Foodie is once again back at it for a 7-foods-in-7-days challenge. What better challenge to take on than hot buffalo wings? So we set out to find the best chicken wings in Wilmington NC. Personally, my opinion is wings are great to eat year-round, but nothing says “hot wings” better than football season