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ChurkeyChonga at Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn

It’s here: ChurkeyChanga Season in Wilmington NC

It’s ChurkeyChanga time!

As the rest of the nation waits for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to enjoy family get-togethers focused on the traditional picturesque turkey dinner, those of us lucky enough to live in Wilmington don’t have to.

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INTERVIEWS | Five with a Foodie

Ryan Khan Owner Chef Hungry Sparrow

Ryan Khan, Owner/Chef | Hungry Sparrow

Five Minutes with Chef Ryan Khan, Hungry Sparrow Restaurant: “The most important thing is that I want to have fun: creating sandwiches, mixing flavors, experimenting with sweet and spicy flavors.“ .

bill and annie ward rolled and baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Owners | Rolled and Baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Rolled and Baked: “Our biscuits have a unique personality that matches the whole aesthetic of our space. We wanted every single thing about our restaurant to be different from what you would expect.“

cheesesmith co food truck

Brendan and Molly Curnyn | CheeseSmith Food Truck

Brendan Curnyn, CheeseSmith Food Truck: “We did a lot of eating grilled cheese. We started to get sick of them, but after the first night out with the truck, we both wanted one. They are so good.“

john mullins americas choice gourmet

John Mullins | America’s Choice Gourmet

John Mullins, Owner, America’s Choice Gourmet: “I love selling something that I care about myself, something that I love. Which is food. I’m a real steak lover.“

Reviews | Hot Restaurants

rollz eggroll restaurant

ROLLZ Wraps Up the Funky Fast Food Scene

Up until last week, those enjoying downtown Wilmington’s nightlife and the ensuing “munchies” thereafter had only a few late night staples to choose from. Pizza, tacos or a trip to a revered waffle joint were pretty much all there was to choose from hours after most restaurants closed down for the night.

bluestar kitchen bar hip fusion

Bluestar Kitchen Bar: Hip Fusion Dining Shines in Leland

Chef and Bluestar Kitchen Bar owner Stephen Harrington once again out-does himself with culinary creativity, using the simplest of local ingredients, and taking each dish to a satisfying conclusion of hip fusion.

rise biscuits donuts wilmington nc

Rise Biscuits Donuts: Make Ours Biscuits AND Donuts

Carbs… Oh, you delicious, little, tasty creatures. Yeah, yeah, I know… some say carbs are bad and should be avoided. Personally, I think carbs have been been heartlessly discriminated against since the great insurrection of the Atkins Diet frenzy. All the people who jumped on the Atkins “train” missed out on a lot of good

asia and sushi leland nc

Asia and Sushi: Authentic Thai Tucked Away in Leland

At Port City Foodie, we are always on a mission to find great restaurants, accomplished chefs, and a good meal. We like to expand our search to our neighbor of the Port City, Brunswick County, and did so with a stop at Asia and Sushi.

kirk pugh kbt realty

Recipes | What's Cooking in the Foodie Kitchen

FEATURES | More for Port City Foodies

ocean friendly restaurants

Don’t Suck: Ocean Friendly Restaurants Save The Ocean One Straw at a Time

Forgo that plastic straw. Skip that plastic cover on your coffee. Mindful consumption of single-use consumer plastics results in a significant positive impact on the environment, and even one person’s effort makes a difference. A walk along one of Wilmington’s beautiful beaches makes the issue glaringly apparent. Straws suck.

best shrimp and grits wilmington nc

In search of… The Best Shrimp and Grits in Wilmington NC

The search for the best shrimp and grits in Wilmington NC starts with an appreciation of the history of the dish. Think morning, hours before the sun rises. Crews of local shrimpers, headed out for a hard day at sea.