Slice an Avocado the Easy Way

Slice an Avocado the Easy Way

Cut an avocado the easy way, without making a mess removing the avocado pit and peeling the fruit. Chuck Pennington, former owner of Historic Wilmington North Carolina’s 4-Diamond bed and breakfast inn, The Verandas, demonstrates a more efficient way to slice a ripe avocado.


1. Slice through the peel, all the way to the pit, going down one side and up the other. Do not pull apart yet!
2. Rotate the avocado 45 degrees.
3. Slice through the peel again, going down one side and up the other.
4. Hold the avocado firmly with two hands and twist slightly along one cut line, turn, and twist along the other.
5. The four sections will come apart easily and the pit will fall out.
6. Peel off the rind with a sharp knife, slice and serve.

We suggest a dash of Worcestershire and a thin cracker to go with your avocado.



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