It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

international streetfood challenge promised land

Chef Jules DeBord | Promised Land Kitchen

Trying to decide which dish to start with caused me far too much angst, so I took the linear approach and started with Promised Land Kitchen and Chef Jules DeBord.

Her dish was the perfect example of balance. Immediately upon tasting her dish, the tang of limes jumped out at me, then led me on a foot chase through a journey of flavors that ended in a smooth curry that she has mastered after years of practicing. If I had to come up with an analogy, I’d have to say it was something akin to getting punched in the mouth with the taste of the lime and ending in a comforting hug at the end.

Anyone who knows Jules also knows that she has a masterful way of turning simple foods into absolute masterpieces and I’d definitely agree. Not only did she take super fresh ingredients and combine them into an awesome dish that was worthy of any Thai or Asian fusion fancy restaurant, but she kept true to the theme of street foods and with every bite, I was reminded of my time in Thailand eating similar dishes, just minus the hangovers.

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