It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

international streetfood challenge the olive press

Chef David Anderson | Taste the Olive

You know that one female friend you have, who always has exactly whatever you might need but don’t have with you, right there in her purse? Hand sanitizer, sure. Band aid, no problem. Sunscreen, extra shoe, frozen chicken, carburetor to a ’65 Mustang, got it. Yeah, her. Well, I’ve always wanted to have that kind of foresight but it never happens.

Chef David Anderson from Taste the Olive has that foresight and proudly displayed it at the challenge. It was hot, muggy, hot, muggy and hot. Did I mention it was hot?

Well, as I sympathized with how Saint Bernards must feel living in Wilmington during the summertime and mentally vowing to install a couple HVAC units for my dog when he’s outside, I saw Chef Anderson’s dish.

A cold barley drink with peach and apricot was exactly what that competition and that day needed. Cool, refreshing and totally contrary to any of your typical refreshments, you could tell that Chef David spent a lot of time thinking this out. The juice was light, playful and refreshing while the fruit added just the right amount of flavor and texture. Then comes the barley. Holy cow, the barley has arrived. WOW!

I would have loved to abscond with about 37 of the sample dishes he provided but instead decided to absolutely cherish what this guy did with a few simple ingredients. He kept it simple, he kept it fresh and delicious and he got everyone’s attention. I can only imagine the other magic tricks he has up his sleeve at Taste the Olive, but I’m certainly going to find out.

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