It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

It’s In-the-Books: International StreetFood Challenge

international streetfood challenge

Chef Larry Fuller | 141 North

Chef Larry Fuller and 141 North brought comfort food to the competition, put it on a plate and watched the tasters lose their minds.

Every bit as charismatic as he is talented, Chef Fuller presented a platter with a grilled Caribbean shrimp, an amazing barbecued pork and local crab fried rice with a Jalapeno cornbread that was to die for. Couple this with great conversation and it transported you to a family reunion, dinner at Grandma’s or the front porch of a magical place that exists only in dreams and storybooks.

Chef Fuller calls his dishes “simple comfort foods” and I take issue with that. His dishes are anything but simple as they are the works of a talented artisan who can highlight a food’s natural flavor and nudge it just enough with the right (and light) amount of spice to put your taste buds into overload. Chef Fuller ended up winning the competition and with good reason.

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