Promised Land Kitchen: Global Street Food Finds a Home

Promised Land Kitchen: Global Street Food Finds a Home

“Stop over, we’ll make you a little lunch,” was the invite. Comfort food abounding was the result.

This restaurant has closed. Please enjoy this article on part of Port City dining history!

It’s a small space, with hand-written menus on the chalkboards and a light fixture that incorporates utensils from grandma’s kitchen – for reals. It all fits the home-cooked sensibility.

Editor’s Note: Promised Land Kitchen has closed.

Promised Land Kitchen, Jules DeBord’s latest culinary adventure, has landed in the space that was formerly Wayfarer Delicatessen. Jules’ take on street food emphasizes market-fresh ingredients and international inspiration, at an easy price point for casual dine-in or carry-out. With options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and really late-night eats, the super friendly crew at Promised Land will be putting in long hours: 8am until 11 in the evening, and 3am on weeknights.


promised land kitchen flash fried edamame
Flash-fried edamame with Old Bay sea salt


promised land kitchen vegetarian ramen
Vegetarian Ramen: green tea vegan broth with tofu, carrots, cabbage, shiitakes, soy beans, spinach, Thai basil and pickled daikon, over wheat noodles


promised land kitchen vegan spring rolls
Vegan spring rolls with blood orange ponzu


promised land kitchen beef pho
Beef Pho: beef broth with beef, jalapeno, bean sprouts, cilantro, Thai basil, lime, and Hoisin sauce, over rice noodles


It will be easy to be a regular here. Promised Land Kitchen has the feel of a neighborhood cafe, with a dash of hippie, and a menu that is challenging and unique enough to keep your palate entertained. From Jule’s breakfast burrito (sausage, sweet potato, egg, pineapple salsa, and sour cream), to the Fancy Joe (pork and beef cheek sloppy Joe with fennel slaw) and an abundance of daily ramen and pho dishes, there is something for everyone. You will find plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. It’s all super tasty, too.

Jules Debord is making a space for herself as a creative culinary entrepreneur in Wilmington NC; her roster of endeavors includes Lunchbox Pickles, Port City Farmers’ Market – along with the farmers’ market retail space at Independence Mall – and Port City Farmers’ Market Kitchen to Go, and the food truck Ramen A-Go-Go.

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#Sponsored | Disclosure: I have been comped a meal as part of this review on Port City Foodie. Although the meal was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own, and I was in no way influenced by the company. – Anne

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