Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Wilmington

No matter how kid-friendly the restaurant, pre-planning and expectations for behavior will make your dining experience stress-free, and your little pro-foodies will earn compliments from fellow diners and appreciative waitstaff. Practice makes perfect, so choose a kid friendly restaurant, arm yourself with these tips, and head out to enjoy a meal with the family.

Tips for Making Restaurant Dining Kid-friendly

  • Dine at off-peak times, and keep your head in the project. This isn’t a drawn-out grownup event, it’s a restaurant outing for foodies-with-training-wheels.
  • Bring a small blank notebook and various pens.
  • As soon as you sit down, and your server appears, ask for an order of fries or mozzarella sticks to come out as quickly as possible. Hungry kids are not pleasant.
  • If you are with really little ones, bring a container of plain cheerios.
  • Move sugar packs, salt and pepper to the table next to you, or elsewhere out of temptation.
  • For super antsy kids, adults can take turns walking outside the restaurant. Running wild in the dining room makes other diners unhappy.
  • Tip well.
  • Bend over and do a quick clean up of the floor before you leave. Don’t leave silverware, napkins, dropped food all over the place. That’s just rude.

Do you have a tip for dining out with kids? Please share it in the comments!

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