Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Wilmington

kid friendly restaurants

Having a successful dining experience with children in tow depends entirely upon choosing the right destination. You have a great number of options with the many kid friendly restaurants in Wilmington. Balance ambiance, menu options, and a well-timed visit, and you will have your kids on the way to being discerning, cuisine-savvy little foodies.

These establishments are kid-friendly and food-centric, because there is no reason to teach your kids that “restaurant” is the same thing as Chuck e Cheese.

Note we’re skipping the chain restaurants, too. We often find that local places are especially friendly for families. For some mom-inspired tips on dining with kids, read through to the last page.

About the photo: Port City Foodie reviewer Ed Walsh’s son is already a foodie (no one is surprised!) and loves eating at Cast Iron Kitchen.

kid friendly restaurants wilmington
Individual pizzas at Your Pie Pizza

No more debating what to get on the pizza. The kids can each order an individual pizza with their own choice of sauce, toppings, and cheese at Your Pie. Budget friendly, fast, and super friendly, the pizza is definitely a cut above the big cardboard-crust delivery chains, and the dine-in experience is really good “practice” for your young restaurant-goers. Two little ones can share a pizza, of course, but the little pizza boxes make it easy to take left-overs home. The booths are great for family dining. Oh. There’s gelato for dessert, too.

Where: Your Pie Pizza, 4403 Oleander Drive (in the strip mall behind the Dunkin Donuts) - Just Register to Save 5%

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