Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Wilmington

kids friendly restaurants wilmington


Buffets are super kid-friendly, and Wilmington is home to one of the best Southern soul food restaurants in North Carolina: Casey’s Buffet. Get your table, grab one of the colorful plates from the serve stand, and make your way through the buffet line. There is to-die-for homemade mac n’ cheese, fried chicken, ribs, and lots of yummy sides. Ice cream and banana pudding are self-serve and delicious to reward good eaters. Kids will need help with the serving utensils and hot surfaces, but multiple trips to the buffet are encouraged, especially if you go easy on each trip. When I was parenting a bottomless teenage boy, I always felt that I got more than my money’s worth at a buffet.

Where: Casey’s Buffet Barbecue & Home Cookin’, 5559 Oleander Drive - Just Register to Save 5%

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