Bill and Annie Ward, Owners | Rolled and Baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Owners | Rolled and Baked

Bill and Annie Ward, Rolled and Baked:

Our biscuits have a unique personality that matches the whole aesthetic of our space. We wanted every single thing about our restaurant to be different from what you would expect.

This restaurant has closed. Please enjoy this article on part of Port City dining history!

A Lifetime of Biscuits

We’re originally from West Virginia. We living in Greenville, North Carolina for 15fyears, before we moved here. We grew up eating biscuits – there were biscuits in the house every day, every week.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves with a biscuit that was unique. We really wanted to try to accomplish recipes that when you put the food in your mouth, you can only associate our restaurant with it. We wanted to make our biscuit rolled and baked addresscreations something different. So that you would taste it and think, “What does that remind you of?”

Change of Career for a First Restaurant

This is our first restaurant. We knew there was a lot more to be done than we were familiar with, so we brought in Chef Micah Edelstein (Top Chef Season 3 contestant and experienced restaurateur) as creative director to develop our concept and fully flush it out. Micah was able to accomplish our biscuit concept with the different flavors, and textures, and food that pushes the parameters of what you expect in a biscuit sandwich.

This is a big space. We didn’t choose it for the actual physical building; we love the street, we love this area, and that’s why we are here. We make the space work – that’s why we put a game room in the back. Kids love it, parents love it, so it works for what this neighborhood wants. We wanted our restaurant to be different. We visited lots of different shops, and this is a combination of the variety of places that impressed us. We really do everything different because of our signature sandwiches. And, we have beer – breakfast beer – and wine, as well.




bill and annie ward rolled and baked


All About the Biscuit, All the Time

Of course, we have biscuits. You can also get a gluten-free sandwich here – with our grit cakes – and then something as different as a biscuit bread pudding that is either savory or sweet. Rolled and Baked does an all-day menu. It’s not a breakfast menu, or a lunch menu. We hope that people find that appealing. We can all it all-day breakfast, which I think young people are especially in to. They want to eat what they want to eat, when they want to eat it. Who didn’t grow up eating breakfast for dinner? Pancakes. Or eggs and potatoes, or things like fried chicken and biscuits.We have biscuits with bacon, eggs, cheese, sausage, and all those things. But they are really Southern with a little twist. All our sauces are original and introduce different flavors.


kvetching biscuit sandwich rolled and baked


biscuit bread pudding rolled and baked


Our other vision was that the kitchen would create high quality, creative dishes that work in this space. Everything tastes like something that took a lot longer than it does. We try to have food out as quickly as we can.

We have more than 50 recipes. The biscuit business is different – Bill was in executive management before we opening Rolled and Baked, and Annie was at home for 25 years. We both a completely involved with both the design concept of the restaurant and the recipe creation. This is a respite for both of us. It’s crazy, we never would have thought we would feel that way, but it has been since the first day we walked in here.



bill and annie ward rolled and baked


Mid-Century Meet Castle Street

The vision for the space came mostly from Micah. It’s a big, big part of our personality. We met Micah when we were eating in her restaurant. We saw her space, ate her food, and made a connection that established the relationship that led to her coming her to be our creative director. She pretty much came up with the mid-century modern fusion concept. When we first heard it, we were a little hesitant, but it’s cool, and it fits with the Castle Street art aesthetic.

Find Rolled and Baked on Facebook and give them a like. Give them a shout-out for being eco-friendly, too; all their paper goods and carryout containers are compostable, and there is nary a straw in the place.


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