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Lydia Clopton, Owner | Love, Lydia Bakery & Cafe

Five Minutes with Lydia Clopton, Love, Lydia Bakery & Cafe:

There’s just something, a hole, that bakeries can fill, that nothing else can.

Bakery and Much More

We had a full kitchen in the plans the whole time, so we intended on having food. We saw a need in the area for a breakfast and lunch spot. We started off with just a bakery, with coffee, and then we slowly introduced the food. We will be growing the food even more in the future, possibly doing some pop-up dinners and things like that. There is a lot of potential for this space.


love lydia bakery


love lydia bakery


Biology to Bakery

I been doing this for about twelve years; I moved here to help my fiance open PinPoint. I was the pastry chef there. I worked in Asheville before lydia bakery address I’ve been in Wilmington for about four years and I love it here. I was a Biology major, and about six months after I graduated I got a job baking. All my training has been working in great kitchens.

I really love the feel and the energy of a bakery, I always have. I was ready to do Love Lydia Bakery after PinPoint was going strong. It’s all about the food when you are a restaurant. Very little is about the social aspect of baking. I’ve always wanted my own kitchen. A bakery is a little bit of your heart.

I love doing the pastries. We’re always kind of playing around and adding new things, trying out new bakery items.



love lydia bakery


love lydia bakery


Building on Strong Influences

My influence is really just all the great bakeries I’ve been to. I love walking away from a great bakery and just feeling complete.

We are adding vegan options, and gluten free options. We want to do more of that, even if it mean that we have to add those things slowly.

We are having a really busy lunch already. Love Lydia Bakery started right off doing a really strong breakfast, though. People can order lunch all day, and we get a lot of that business. Everyone loves breakfast, and vegans and vegetarians can always find breakfast items that work for them. Love Lydia Bakery does breakfast from 8 to 2. We get a lot business from the neighborhood, and a lot of customers from Sunset Park. We get a ton of people who just drive by and see us here. This is a great location.


Find a lot to love at Love, Lydia, at the bakery and on Facebook at Love, Lydia.


love lydia bakery

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