Ellen’s Bone Appetit: Treats for Foodie Pups

Ellen’s Bone Appetit: Treats for Foodie Pups

If you are a foodie and a dog lover, it’s not a stretch to expect that the dog biscuits in your pup’s treat jar are of the gourmet variety.

Ellen’s Bone Appetit, a startup run by Ellen McDonald from the kitchen at Dr. Gigliotti’s Forest Hills Veterinary Hospital, would be happy to fill that dog treat jar. Ellen’s handmade dog treats are gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and, of course, veterinarian approved.

ellens bone appetit biscuits

The treats, which Ellen laughingly shares are “brother-tested,” were developed and refined in her home kitchen years ago. The dog-friendly ingredients include a carefully balanced combination of oats, unsweetened applesauce, gluten-free flour, and a liberal amount of fresh parsley and mint. Sound good enough to eat? They actually are: the ingredients are all human-grade. The current formula has been tested and refined for dog-appeal. As in, dogs love them. Love them, foodie-style. Ellen mixes, rolls, cuts, and bakes the dog biscuit batter. They are then put in a food dehydrator to extend their shelf life. Each package of dog treats also includes a surprise – one whimsical, fun-shaped biscuit that makes each bag unique. Ellen’s dog treats are made and packed with love, as well as a sense of humor.

ellens bone appetit

ellen cut bone appetit treats

ellens bone appetit ready for the oven

ellens bone appetit packed by ellen

Ellen started the company after bringing her resume to Dr. Gigliotti at Forest Hills Vet in search of a volunteer job. Dr. Gigliotti noted that she listed “baker” as an interest, and the idea for Ellen’s Bone Appetit took off, with the offer of both workspace and retail shelf space.

Ellen is excited to work doing something she loves, which she says is the best kind of job. She has plans to grow the business, too, and might add an employee in the near future.

Ellen’s Bone Appetit is part of the nonprofit Cape Fear Enrichment Programs, a 501(c)3. CFEP enriches the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The proceeds from sales of Ellen’s dog biscuits benefit CFEP. Ellen, who has Prader Willi Syndrome, combines her love of animals, her talent in baking, and her business dreams with support provided through CFEP.

Foodies can buy Ellen’s Bone Appetit dog treats at Forest Hills Veterinary Hospital (4 North 26th St) and at The Lunchbox (1616 Shipyard Blvd), $6 for a 7oz bag (about 17 2-inch treats). Your dog will love you. At Port City Foodie, our dog taste-tested, and tested, and tested. Can we say, these treats are a hit!

ellens bone appetit treats for dogs

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