9 Nifty Christmas Gifts for Foodies

9 Nifty Christmas Gifts for Foodies

christmas gifts for foodies

Jacobi-Lewis Company

622 South Front Street, Wilmington 910.763.6201

Don’t be intimidated, casual shopper. This food service equipment and restaurant furnishings showroom sells to the public. And they are super friendly. Jacobi-Lewis carries goods from leading manufacturers for the food service industry, and that means SOLID GOLD for foodies. Lots of what you’ll find here comes sized for a professional kitchen, but there are plenty of items that will make your best foodie friend feel like he or she could take on the Iron Chef, too.

What we love: wooden pizza paddles, Dexter Basics knives, digital kitchen timers, gleaming stainless steel cookware, tiny Lodge cast iron skillets.

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