simple pineapple boats

Pineapple Boats Made Simple as Pie… Pi-neapple, That Is

Simple pineapple boats are not an oxymoron. When you know how to slice a pineapple to create a lovely pineapple boat for breakfast, making a dozen or more is simple as… pi – neapple.

Chuck at The Verandas knows. Pineapple boats are one of the breakfast go-tos at The Verandas, and whether he is entertaining two guests, or a dozen, slicing pineapples isn’t a daunting task with these skills.

Always popular, refreshing, and colorful, a freshly sliced pineapple is the perfect compliment for almost any breakfast dish. Don’t be intimidated by the prickly tropical fruit; here are Chuck’s step-by-step instructions for creating pineapples boats with very little effort.

Here is an easier way to cut pineapple than Martha Stewart says:


simple pineapple boats
Cut the spiky leaves off the top. Be careful as you proceed: ripe pineapple can be both prickly and slippery! Use a sharp, long knife.


simple pineapple boats
Cut in half vertically, and then lay flat and cut in half again. Each guest will be served 1/4 of a pineapple.


simple pineapple boats
Make a cut on each piece, from the top to the rind, without cutting all the way through. The cuts will be about 3/4″ to 1″ from the outside edges at both ends.


simple pineapple boats
With the tip of your knife, cut underneath the core. Flip the pineapple section and cut underneath the core from the other side.


simple pineapple boats
Remove the core and dispose.


simple pineapple boats
Slice the pineapple into pieces with about 8 cuts going down from the top to the rind. You should be making bite-size pieces. Do not cut through the rind. Then cut the pieces free from the rind by running your knife along the rind. Work from one side and then the other. Don’t cut so close to the rind that your pieces have bits of the eyes attached.


simple pineapple boats plated
Add a splayed strawberry and serve. Guests will love your simple pineapple boats, an elegant and refreshing summer breakfast dish.


zuban glaceChuck Pennington is proprietor of The Verandas Bed and Breakfast Inn in Wilmington NC. For more than 20 years he has been the consummate host, serving gourmet breakfasts to guests from around the world. His talents in the ultimate cook’s kitchen of The Verandas doesn’t stop with breakfast and his simple pineapple boats; he deftly produces lovely summer soups, light hors d’oeuvres, and other delights.

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