Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Fast Food We Can Get With

I’m just going to put this out there, right from the start: I’m not big on fast food. I had my days as a fast food junkie. Burger and fries. Fish sandwich and vanilla shake. Happy Meals to appease the kids. A bag of sliders at 4am. Fried chicken passed across the counter on the way to a picnic. There was even a time I bought a vat – yes, a vat – of mashed potatoes and gravy at the drive-thru window. And then I went off fast food, all of it. Cold turkey.

What could be sexier than a fast food tagline that promises, “Eat Better. Feel Better.” Enter my life, Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

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Food Trucks Round Up: the food to find in Wilmington NC

With menu offerings usually in the range of $7 to 13 and a huge hip-factor, you will find Wilmington NC food trucks high on Port City Foodie’s list of dining options. And lunch options. Even some late night options. These rolling restaurants have truncated, but thoughtfully composed, menus. What these on-the-go chefs serve, they do well. Food trucks offer a quick meal that works with your happy hour brew or late night glass of wine, and equally well for a quick work-day lunch break.

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