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Port City Foodie gives you lots of ways to find Wilmington NC restaurants

Port City Foodie has organized Wilmington NC’s wonderful, eclectic collection of restaurants by inclusive, rather catch-all, categories. At Port City Foodie, we know that not every dining spot fits neatly into any category, all the time. And we know that some restaurants can slide into more than one category.

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Navigating Restaurants Wilmington NC

First, we want to feature Regional North Carolina restaurants – the recipes and food preparations that truly speak to the Cape Fear area, with local ingredients, lots of seafood, a spot of barbeque, and a touch of real Southern food love. Of course, these restaurants are also “American,” but this category helps both visitors and locals find a place to eat that offers a real taste of the South. It might be the entire menu that is authentically Southern, or just a few featured dishes, but these restaurants promise an authentic regional North Carolina dining experience.

From there, we have a wide-ranging category “American,” which includes burgers, sandwich shops, pancake houses, and more. Seriously, these are the places that promise to make the whole family happy, with kid-friendly meals and familiar menus.

That’s not to say that our Wilmington NC restaurants in the other categories are not “American,” but this makes it easier to find exactly what whets your appetite. Continental cuisine covers everything from Italian – think pasta and pizza, and more – to French, and German. Ethnic is everything else: Thai, Chinese, Indian, and on and on. We acknowledge that the use of the term “ethnic” may be problematic, but we are just doing our best to sort out the places to eat in Wilmington NC!

One of our favorite categories is “Cake & Coffee,” which lists our wonderful local coffee shops, with the national chains and our local favorite java spots. You can grab a muffin or breakfast pastry, even a light lunch, at most of these coffee shops, and jump on free WiFi too. Then there are the cupcake shops. And the donut bakeries. Yes, those. Plan a stop to pick up a special birthday treat, hostess gift or afternoon snack.

Want to imbibe? Favor wine, or perhaps one of Wilmington’s awesome microbrews? We’ve got a list of great breweries, wine shops and beer gardens. Lots of these boast regular visits from Wilmington’s cool food trucks, so you can make it a night, grabbing a fast meal and a cold brew or two.

Eat well. Drink smart. Enjoy the best restaurants -Wilmington NC style – compiled by Port City Foodie.


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