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Port City Foodie is out and about, compiling the best lists of restaurants and foods, checking in at our favorite specialty food markets, and letting Wilmingtonians and visitors to the Cape Fear region know what’s going on. We’ve got a great foodie community, with the hottest restaurants and superbly talented chefs, and access to the very best local produce, seafood, and food products. We’re thinking pickles, microgreens, honey, and giant squares of cheese biscuits from a local artisanal bakery.

Here’s what we are writing:

Five with a Foodie

Short interviews with Port City foodies, from food bloggers and restaurateurs, to bartenders, chefs and specialty food retailers. We love taking five (or thereabouts) minutes with these busy people and talking about food. What motivates them? What do they love to eat? What do they love to cook? What’s coming out of their kitchens or stores?

Restaurant Reviews

We go, we eat, and write… if we love it, that is. Restaurant reviews on Port City Foodie are all about food love, when means that if we don’t think it’s worth telling other foodies to eat there, we don’t write about it. No bitching about servers, complaining about portion sizes, or debating the noise level in the dining room. It’s about food love at Port City Foodie. Food. We love it.

Recipes for Your Port City Kitchen

We’re working on building an archive of tried and tested recipes as a quick resource. We’re posting appetizers, entrees, and a sizeable number of totally tempting desserts. Lots of of our favorite recipes have been contributed by Port City foodies, including Chuck Pennington at The Verandas, and Sarah Koob, who counts a smoker-savvy husband and a fondness for local oysters among her assets.


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Art of the Kitchen: Verandas, Wilmington NC

 When the pink-orange walls in the kitchen need a refresh, and the kitchen faucet isn’t doing its job, it’s time for a kitchen update. If your home is a AAA 4-Diamond Award inn on the National Registry of Historic Places, the project is both an undertaking of necessity and of love.

Dram + Morsel Restaurant Wilmington NC | Kirk Pugh’s Tasty Tuesday

Dram and Morsel restaurant is perched on the top floor of the Husk-and-YoSake building right in the center of historic Wilmington NC, and it’s worth the hike up three flights to sample designer cocktails and a wonderful selection of “bites.” At Dram + Morsel, there is something for everyone’s tastebuds, and Kirk Pugh indulged for

lemonade and cookie stand

Calling all Entrepreneurs: Summer is Lemonade and Cookie Time

As I roam around Wilmington and the surrounding areas looking for new and flavorful ways to feed my face, I’ve come across the full spectrum of eateries. From fine dining to food trucks and pretty much everything in between, I’ve grown to love all the culinary delights that our area has to offer. But every

birthday girl wine glass for dinner party

Menu mastery: planning the perfect dinner party

The key to planning the perfect dinner party is mastering the menu. From determining the food and beverages, to selecting the dishes and the glassware, effort expended on the front end of a perfectly executed dinner party serves to showcase the meal.

CFCC mixology practicum

Mixing Cocktails for an “A” with CFCC

Students in the Mixology course have a tough final exam: mixing classic cocktails and presenting a custom creation. Judges of the final have it easier. Much. You never know where it’s going to go when you are mixing cocktails for an A.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Wilmington

Having a successful dining experience with children in tow depends entirely upon choosing the right destination. You have a great number of options with the many kid friendly restaurants in Wilmington. Balance ambiance, menu options, and a well-timed visit, and you will have your kids on the way to being discerning, cuisine-savvy little foodies. These

bluestar kitchen bar hip fusion

Bluestar Kitchen Bar: Hip Fusion Dining Shines in Leland

Chef and Bluestar Kitchen Bar owner Stephen Harrington once again out-does himself with culinary creativity, using the simplest of local ingredients, and taking each dish to a satisfying conclusion of hip fusion.

cape fear craft beer fun

Where There’s Beer in Cape Fear, There’s Fun. Lots of Fun.

For the 2nd Annual Cape Fear Craft Beer Week, the Ultimate Brewing Championship was a super kick-off event. Local breweries gathered to entertain, showcase their brews, and compete for the honor of Wilmington’s brewer of the moment.

Favorite Al Fresco Dining Spots in the Port City

Spring is almost – yes, almost – sprung. That means it’s almost the perfect time of year to enjoy a meal outdoors. We have a handful of favorite spots for al fresco dining Port City style: restaurants that gracefully combine a high quality, delicious meal with a beautiful outdoor environment.

chicken soup the verandas

Comfort Food From The Verandas: Roasted Chicken Soup

Feeling generally blech? Fighting a head cold, or suffering through the flu? Whether you need a little comfort food, or you’re up next to take care of someone who is ailing, we suggest a huge pot of Chuck Pennington’s Roasted Chicken Soup. The key to the wonderful flavors is to cook each ingredient separately, rather

sloppy poppys

Triple Treat: Restaurants from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach

The coastal area that includes Myrtle Beach, Cape Fear, and Wilmington has a lot to offer foodies and adventurers. If you’re interested in trying something new, you’re in luck. Here are some of the newest dining destinations in the area.

wilmingtons favorite mimosas

Wilmington’s Favorite Mimosas: We Asked, They Shared

Mimosa. It’s a classic brunch drink. It’s a refreshing afternoon beverage. It’s an elegant special event cocktail. It’s easy to find an opinion on Wilmington’s favorite mimosas. Every restaurant, bed and breakfast inn, and bartender has a signature recipe.

asia and sushi leland nc

Asia and Sushi: Authentic Thai Tucked Away in Leland

At Port City Foodie, we are always on a mission to find great restaurants, accomplished chefs, and a good meal. We like to expand our search to our neighbor of the Port City, Brunswick County, and did so with a stop at Asia and Sushi.

Pour Taproom: Tap Your Wristband, Pour, Repeat

Pour Taproom: Tap Your Wristband, Pour, Repeat

Pour Taproom makes serving your own beer a social experience. Offering scores of beers, ciders, and wines you can taste and appreciate, an ounce at a time, is fun. You could spend hours here.

kids sushi class

Seasoned Gourmet: Kids Making Sushi for the Win

So after the recent snow and several days of kids being stuck inside because of school closures, I thought it would be a great idea to take my 10-year-old son and his pent up energy outside to go play with some sharp knives. WHAT?!?!?!?!?

winnies best burger wilmington nc

Winnie’s Tavern: Face to Face with Wilmington’s Best Burger

As 2018 kicks off and everyone scurries about to get to work on their New Year’s resolutions, I felt it was important to highlight a local landmark restaurant with no plans of changing anything. Yes, while all the hordes of January-induced fitness minded locals decked out in their brand new workout clothes make their way

christmas gifts for foodies

9 Nifty Christmas Gifts for Foodies

‘Tis the season to get merry, with all your gourmet friends, over great food and spirits, and around a beautiful holiday table.

where to donate food in wilmington nc

Feeding the Port City’s Hungry: Where to donate food in Wilmington NC

Now that you are sitting back, enjoying a bounty of leftovers, take a moment to make a plan to help feed those people in the Port City who are hungry. In addition to civic groups, non-profit organizations, churches, and many businesses, this list will help you find where to donate food in Wilmington NC.

thanksgiving thoughts from ed walsh

On Gratitude: Thanksgiving Thoughts from the Home Front

In a couple days, we’ll prepare an amazing feast to be shared with friends and family. We’ll typically gather around gorgeous place settings, a zillion side dishes and await the ceremonial entrance of a perfectly roasted (or fried-my favorite) turkey to get the festivities in full swing. A cool nip in the air, perhaps some

best desserts in wilmington nc

Best Desserts in Wilmington NC

Port City Foodie asked our Facebook fans, “Let’s talk sweets. What’s your favorite restaurant dessert?”

dubs donuts review

Dub’s Donuts: The Line Starts Here and We’ll Wait, Any Day

I love a good “underdog” story. Whether it’s David and Goliath, Daniel-san in Karate Kid, the 1980 U.S. Hockey team’s victory over the Russians, or the movie “Rudy,” I always love to see the “little guy” go against the odds and come out on top. I saw something similar to this, although not on the

spoonfed kitchen and bake shop review

Spoonfed Kitchen and Bake Shop: a Dose of Foodie Happiness

You ever walk into a place and instantly get a good vibe? You’re not sure what it is, but there’s SOMETHING there that makes you feel good inside long before you even order your appetizer. Well, I just had a heaping order of that when I went to SPOONFED for brunch.

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