favorite north carolina regional foods

Southern Cooking: Wilmington’s Favorite Iconic North Carolina Foods

favorite north carolina foods pimento cheese
Pimento cheese from Roberts Market

Pimento Cheese

Ask anyone in Wilmington to name a local food, and Pimento Cheese is certain to claim a top spot. Ask for a favorite recipe, and you will get a quizzical look and a favorite store brand instead. We love our Pimento – or Pimiento – Cheese, and we know where to get the best. Roberts Market is right up there. Pimento Cheese is a combination of coarsely grated cheddar cheese, mayonnaise (North Carolinians use Duke’s), cream cheese, Worcestershire, diced pimiento, onion, and various spices. Roberts gets the proportion of ingredients exactly right.

Spread Pimiento Cheese on a cracker, toast points, or pita chips for an easy appetizer. Step it up a notch and melt Pimiento Cheese on your burger or eggs. Broil your fish filets with a big dollop of it on top. This stuff is delicious; let your imagination run wild.

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