kevin demarco

Kevin DeMarco – A Balancing Act

kd4Be prepared if you ask personal trainer and noted chef Kevin DeMarco for a little background.

At only 47, this fast-talking Queens native has had an impressive and long career in both the culinary and fitness fields. He was working side-by-side with his mother and grandmother to make cookies before he could reach the kitchen counter, and by seven, they had left the daunting task of filling tins with Christmas cookies entirely to him. At 14 he was learning more sophisticated baking skills at a neighborhood Greek/Italian bakery.

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meal delivery service

Thinking of Trying a Meal Delivery Service?

The meal delivery service business has been proliferating exponentially since their inception, offering local and national possibilities if you’re looking for a way to minimize shopping, prep and cook times for dinner. The appeal is understandable, especially to young urban professionals who have discretionary income and usually find themselves eating out or ordering in.

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